Legal Status

Huon Affordable Living Ltd is pleased to announce that is now formally a Community Owned Not For Profit Company, Limited by Guarantee!  This process has been quite tortuous, but with the support of a dozen or so community members we have achieved Not For Profit status.  We are also seeking DRG status for donations, but that is an additional process.  More on that in due course.

Things are already getting quite exciting.

Current Project

Huon Affordable Living Ltd is submitting a proposal for State Government funding to build 8 dwellings for social housing in Cygnet.  This is in partnership with a private landowner who is generously providing land on which to build these homes.  Specific Details about this project have to remain confidential pending the outcome of the application process to the Minister.  I can say there has been an incredible amount of work and effort put into preparing documentation, site visits, planning meetings and getting the final documentation to reflect the values and aspirations of our community organisation


The decision about this will be made quickly by the Minister, and announced on July 24th or shortly afterwards.  When we hear something we will let you know.


Website and Membership

The Board encourages you to join Huon Affordable Living via the website – this first project will need willing volunteers if we are lucky enough to be selected to provide these dwellings.   There are two main levels of membership, if you want to formally be a member of the Not For Profit Company, you can be, but you must indicate this by ticking the appropriate box.  You will be able to vote at the annual AGM as well as other meetings involving the broader membership. This requires that you to guarantee $1 against any debt that Huon Affordable Living may incur should the Company fold in the future with debts.  This is the ‘limited by guarantee’ part.  You will be sent/ asked to sign an additional form for the Company record if you do this.


You can simply be a member without this of course.  Or you can be a supporter and simply be on the mailing list.  Homeless? Then there is no fee for joining and we will keep you in the loop with what we are doing.  Check out the Membership page for these options on the website.


All Members must now sign the Code of Conduct.  There is also a discussion forum on the website which is for members only.  This is not public.  Access to this is subsequent to your membership application being accepted by the Board. 


All applications for membership require you be nominated by an existing member, and membership is confirmed by the Board and is then probationary for six months. You must also guarantee 30 hours of voluntary work – this is easy to rack up when there is work to be done!   Huon Affordable Living Ltd will have no ongoing presence on Facebook.


The Membership Application can be found on the website here


You can print off, scan and email the Code of Conduct form or sign on line here


Please feel free to submit a blog entry for consideration. Anything about housing and homelessness or ideas that we might consider as a community group are welcome. 


Tim Sanderson


Huon Affordable Living Ltd

copyright Huon Affordable Living  16/07/2019 .