Huon Affordable Living

Proposed Housing Project in Cygnet

We are looking for  people who want to live and work in the Huon Valley.

Huon Affordable Living Limited (HAL) is a Not for Profit company working to find solutions to affordability of living in the Huon. Because wages are low, rents are high and properties are scarce, renters are forced to move away from the Huon Valley, which is a great loss that leaves a fragmented community.

HAL has been exploring housing options to address this issue over  the past twelve months, and we are now looking for people aged 18 and over to form a proposed affordable living community in Cygnet. The scheme will provide security of tenure at rents that are affordable.


  • Applicants can be an individual, couple or family who can demonstrate an unaffordable living situation – for example homeless; overcrowding, poor quality housing, isolation and other situations
  • Applicants require no capital to engage in this project; however, the ability to pay rent must be demonstrated;
  • Donations, and any in kind support are welcome;
  • This is a group project the build is planned to take place in Cygnet over the summer of 2020/2021. Participants will work together to assist with the build of their own and other participants’ houses. This is known as ‘sweat equity’. In return below market rents will be offered by Huon Affordable Living Ltd;
  • Willingness to learn and work as part of a team is an essential component of this project. This is as much about building a cooperative community as building houses and this is a condition of participating in this project;
  • You must be able to guarantee 30 hours of labouring work on the build per week. This will be rigorously adhered to;
  • There will be training in Workplace Health & Safety rules and regulations which will be expected to be followed; and
  • Participants will be selected via a formal application process including character references and an interview. Selection of participants will not be negotiable and will be made by HAL.


This project is at an early stage of development. An expression of interest is all that is required at this stage, as we wish to gauge interest.  There will be an evening presentation (date to be announced) with an on-line session (using Zoom from laptop or phone) once there is sufficient interest.