Anyone who wants to become a member is asked to pay a membership fee of $20.00. If you don’t want to become a member but are willing to make a donation of $20.00 – that works too.

A bank deposit will be required. You must indicate that the payment is for “HAL SUBS”. When you have done this please send an email to “” with your payment reference number (issued when you make a payment) – this is proof you have paid. It would be sensible to include your address! Payment can be made at any Bendigo Bank branch in person if you wish.

There are four types of memberships available:

  1. Full Company Membership.
  2. A Member.
  3. A Friend of Huon Affordable Living
  4. Homeless


Account details:
Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633 000
Account #: 158 743 286

As part of this process you will also need to read, agree, and sign the Code of conduct which must be also emailed to us:

Code of Conduct:

Membership Application: