HAL Vision
Our vision is to enable access to inclusive, innovative, sustainable and affordable living options and
opportunities, which promote health, well being and vitality for the Huon Valley Community.

HAL Mission
Our mission is to promote the health, well being and vitality of the Huon Valley community by supporting inclusive, innovative and affordable living environments that encourage and maintain social connections and co-operation, as well as environmental sustainability for the common good.

We will do this by:

  1. Promoting and providing innovative, creative, affordable housing solutions that actively involve young people, families and older people, including those who are on low incomes, marginalized or homeless.
  2. Encouraging, promoting and providing development of community-based integrated living solutions (such as co-operative housing, shared accommodation, tiny houses, and other creative non-standard options).
  3. Being an affordable housing development company operating as a social enterprise.
  4. Disseminating information and resources on environmentally sustainable affordable living.
  5. Advocating for/with Huon Valley residents on community issues related to affordable living.
  6. Supporting the development, which maintains strong social connections and co-operation.
  7. Supporting environmentally friendly land use and construction, within a framework of environmental sustainability.
  8. Promoting and adhering to evidence and research based housing development and provision, from assessment of need through to final concept and build.