Welcome to the Huon Affordable Living Survey


Thank you for participating in our survey. The link is at bottom of this page.
Huon Affordable Living is a new community group that formed in 2018 to work together to help address the issue of homelessness and rental stress in the Huon Valley. 
This survey is about the difficulties some people have with homelessness or with rental properties – keeping them, losing them and paying rent.
This survey is anonymous.  There is no personal data collected here.
We want to know where in the Huon people are having difficulties and what those difficulties might be.  We’re looking for numbers and issues so we can best decide where out attention best needs to be.
So thank you for your time and your willingness to take part.
You don’t have to be homeless to do this, we want as many people in the Huon to respond as possible. 
We would like as many people across the Valley to take part, but only one person to do the survey per household please – so you may have to talk to other people in your household for some of the questions – that’s fine.  Talking to each other is generally a good thing!